In Peru: Friday

This morning I woke up tossing and turning with the same pounding headache that got me off to such a great start yesterday. My crew took off without me to go to a higher altitude (14,000-17,000 ft). I knew I couldn’t hang so I stayed back here at our guest house with another guy from the group. The remedy that I keep having to down to help my altitude sickness is the coca tea (same coca as cocaine). It smells like fish, but is rather tasty. I was able to Skype mi espossa (my wife for you gringos) this morning. Technology is so wicked cool. My morning continued as I laid in bed and watched the first season of “The Office”, read a little bit and of course filled you all in on my trip to the beautiful and diverse country of Peru. The pictures you see are of the Andes Mountains that surround the city Huaraz. It’s simply indescribable. The pictures you see I have taken from the roof of our guest house. One you see the range of mountains. The other is a school behind us. You see the kids in line? In uniforms? All of the teachers had whistles and weren’t afraid to blow them or grab the students that were misbehavin’. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to post as we will be going to the jungle. Unreal, the mountains, the jungle, the ocean (Lima).


2 Responses to “In Peru: Friday”

  1. MWest Says:

    Now “that’s” a school.
    Hope you start feeling better.

  2. MWest Says:

    Now “that’s” a school.
    Hope you start feeling better.

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