Heroes: David Kush

David Kush is my brother in law. He and my wonderful sister (Bethany) were married in August of 1989. Over the years David has been such an incredible example to me as to how you can raise children in a world that is becoming more and more difficult to father effectively. He has always been around his family and they are his number 2 priority to Jesus and this you can tell by the life he lives. I have had the privilege of watching this Godly man grow up and become what I would consider one of the great men I know. David takes time with each of his children. Whether it was reading a book to his infant son (at the time) or watching an educational film on Discovery or praying for his daughter, I have watched him and hopefully I can become half the father he is. When his mother died suddenly several years ago I saw a man handle such pain with dignity and just plain respect for his mother and family. He has always provided for his family. Everything he does or participates in is done with excellence as he knows his Lord would want nothing less. David is a man of example, excellence and humility. He has been an amazing example and standard for me. I don’t know if he even knows this but he is a true hero to me.

2 Responses to “Heroes: David Kush”

  1. Bryon Mondok Says:

    good man, that david…

  2. Bryon Mondok Says:

    good man, that david…

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