Student Ministry review

We have our large group meeting for our student ministry every Wednesday evening. Last week may have been the best we have ever had. Really. It was one of those evenings that you ponder on after and think to yourself “God is doing something ridiculous here”. Jeff our worship guy really got the place going right off the bat. His dynamic leadership is such a wonderful asset to our ministry. The students really respond to his style and personality. He lead us with a ministry fav Uniteds “Take it All”. We have a group of students that a lot of student pastors would love to have a part of their ministry. They really don’t care what people think of them, so when a song like “Take it All” is played our students go nuts. They bounce to the vibe (with sweet mixes in the background by our SM DJ Dylan) and openly show their praise to God, its wicked. My hope and prayer is that they desire to praise God, not just vibe to music. Anyway, the praise time was just amazing. I then shared about selfishness. Heavy stuff. Our students were really challenged and so was I. Jeff and our band came back up and finished the night out with some worship and reflection time. Over all that evening was a memorable one. It was a night when I fought sickness (a nasty flu bug) and God used me in spite of me. I was able to talk to some students who were really moved by the evening. That was the icing there. Praying and talking with students who want to live their lives for Jesus. I will never forget 2/21/07.

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