Best of 2006: Music

Gnarls Barkley, St. ElsewhereIt took a while for this recording to grow on me. If you are into experimental hip-hop then you’ll dig this. Cee-Lo from Goodie Mod and DJ Danger Mouse make up this unique collaboration.

Daughtry, Daughtry Former American Idol contestant Chris Daughtry and his band rock out on this predictable, yet good release.

Mute Math, Mute Math Wow. Not bad for a couple of home school kids from Louisiana. Good modern rock with a key-tar twist.

John Mayer, Continuum – The best recording of the year. John Mayer is no longer just a pop guy, but a genuine rock icon. This dude is the real deal and ten years from now he will still be headlining and packing out concert halls.

Day of Fire, Cut and MoveThe former front man from band Full Devil Jacket is now the leader of the best hard rock band in Christian music. All of their songs are anthems with an edge.

LeCrea, After the Music Stops – Holy hip hops latest star is lyrically brilliant for the most part and the beats defiantly get your head nodding.


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