Best of 2006: Books

“The Tozer Pulpit” – I purchased it this summer. It’s a 2 volume set of some of AW Tozers messages. I always have enjoyed his writings and thoughts. If you are a fan, you should scoop up this set.

“Spiritual Leadership” – the classic by Sanders is an annual read for me and always will be. No comment needed.

“The Emotionally Healthy Church” – by Peter Scazzero is a good read about the importance of emotional health and stability in the life of a leader. I enjoyed reading his own story and how Jesus restored him and his family.

“Elements” – by Bob Franquiz a fellow blogger and I think a reader of “Life & Times” does a good job examining John the Baptist. J the B was a revolutionary and you can be too! One problem with the book: he had to mention the Hail Flutie pass against the U from ’84, ouch!

“10 Lies of Student Ministry” – (by another blogger) Michael Lukaszewski, made me mad in this book. Michael is a former student pastor who took me to task on the whole “it’s all about relationships” idea in student ministry. Is he right? Maybe. Did he make me think? Absolutely.


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