More Carolinas….

We are back from our trip to the Carolinas. It’s amazing how much the terrain, culture and traffic can change in a 9 hour period! We stayed in Charlotte with my sister in-law and her husband and new baby girl. We had the opportunity to explore the city of Charlotte and also enjoy some good cooking (Penny’s bro-in-law is a chef and is a professor at Johnson & Wales University). If you have never been to Charlotte, it’s a pretty nice town. It’s spread out all over the place, kind of like Jacksonville, Fl. One thing I noticed: there are tons of baptist churches, everywhere! There’s not just lot’s of them but, most of them are gynormous! When you get back down here in South Florida it makes you realize how different our world is here. Comparing the two we are relatively unchurched here. Lot’s of ministry to do! Anyway, after lots off sweet tea, winding roads, really cheap gas and southern charm, we are back down to the bastion of New York influence and muggy hot late summer days. I think I like it here, even after twenty some odd years.


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