Don’t Believe the Hype!

Back in the day (1988) Public Enemy released a classic, “Don’t Believe the Hype”. It has the typical P.E. militant flare with Flavor Flav obnoxiously chatting through out (See video below). If you read the lyrics of this song, you will probably have the same thoughts I had “what in the world?”. Well the past few days have had me singing the chorus of this song because of the whole Ernesto hurricane/storm thing that got our whole region here in South Florida all worked up. All of the local TV channels were spouting possibilities and saying “hope for the best, prepare for the worst” (I know this because my mom was watching it!). Well, as you all know this “storm” was very similar to a typical summer storm down here in the muggy south. This raises a question from me. Is the news being reported really news anymore? For crying out loud, World War III is taking place, Iran is starting to creep the rest of the world out and all our news people can talk about is a measly tropical storm? Even Fox News and CNN were using this Ernesto thing as a lead story. So what is real news?


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