An Instant Classic.

I have been hearing about a movie that really never got any publicity. What have I been hearing? Words that have been used: great, amazing, fantastic, brilliant, etc. When a movie is talked about by friends and acquaintances like this I usually just shrug it off if I haven’t heard anything elsewhere. Boy am I glad I took their advice this time. “The Worlds Fastest Indian” is a genuine classic. After watching it, this movie became a top fiver for me. In there with “Braveheart”, “Antwone Fisher” and “O Brother Where Art Thou?”. Anthony Hopkins stars in this based on a true story masterpiece. It’s quirky, emotional, engaging and most of all captivating from open to close. I won’t give it away because if I told you the story you may say “so what!” because it doesn’t sound that impressive. I will say this, you remember the feeling you had when you watched “Forrest Gump”, like you love this guy, you get this guy and you want to know every thing about him? Well, that’s what I felt in this story. Don’t sleep. Run out to the library or Blockbuster or order it on Netflix, NOW!


2 Responses to “An Instant Classic.”

  1. scoobarella Says:

    yep, great flick.

  2. scoobarella Says:

    yep, great flick.

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