Entertainment: Best of the Web.

We are all pretty much creatures of habit or routine. Well, for me the web is no different. There are certain sites I browse daily. The reason is very simple. I like them. Here are the 5 sites that I would say are necessary bookmarks. Here you go, enjoy!

When Matt Drudge broke the Monica Lewinsky story in 1997 no one ever guessed that his site, the Drudge Report would end up being one of the most hit sites on the entire world wide web. The DR is my homepage for ALL of my browsers on all the computers I use. If you want the news simple and easy the DR is a must. A couple of cool things about the DR….The head lines are all quick linked. …….When there is a hot story, the DR has a little spinning siren light. Very cool.

I’m a big Apple Computer fan. We have an iMac G4 and a 12″ Powerbook. I love the constant posting of very relevant articles about all things Mac. I can’t tell you how many times I have downloaded a new shareware or learned a new trick because of a TUAW post. Much props to Dave and Scott and all of the guys over at the TUAW and their commitment to keeping it relevant and real. One cool trick they taught me recently……Hold Shift, Apple button and 4. Take a picture of your desktop (browser included!).

I have to stay up on local news and this is my #1 source for South Florida news. They have some great blogs by writers Omar Kelly (University of Miami) and Ira Winderman (Miami Heat). There is also a mean local sports section (high school). A one stop destination for news, weather and traffic.

As much as I love sports, this is a no brainer. ESPN.com is amazing. You can use the Gamecast option and follow your team pretty much in real time. The Daily Dime is a great NBA snippet deal. ESPN Motion is kinda like a mini Sportscenter. It shows you some of the days highlights. Good stuff.

The Official Site of the Creative Team Behind LOST sponsored by J.J. Abrams (of ALIAS fame). This really is the best of all of the LOST forums or sites. After I watch LOST I immediately go right to here to see if I missed anything on the show. There are so many little details in LOST. Its great because people will post stills of some very interesting things. There is a breakdown of each episode with even more forum breakdowns. This site is a must for all LOST enthusiasts.


2 Responses to “Entertainment: Best of the Web.”

  1. freddy Says:

    bro i feel ya, ESPN is like ritual for me

  2. freddy Says:

    bro i feel ya, ESPN is like ritual for me

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