This week I experienced my first Calvary Chapel Pastors Conference. I wasn’t sure I would be able to attend until Sunday just because of my schedule and other potential conflicts. Well, I did get to go and below I will share 4 Highlights from the Conference:
1. Chuck Smith – For the first time in my life I had the privilege of hearing Pastor Chuck teach in person. What a cool experience. I have heard some of the great preachers and teachers of out time, but I can honestly say this man brings the Word more effectively than any of them. Pastor Chuck may not be dynamic (he candidly talked about this, it was really funny), or flashy (dude had Sansabelt pants on!) but he “brought it” as BM says. I couldn’t get over the grace and truth in his delivery.
2. Reconnecting – Whether it was hanging out with my boy Mark Rod or Jim Young or the ride up and back with Chris Tress, it was so cool just talking to guys who are doing ministry just like me, but in another context or region. I love what the Lord has called me to do and there is nothing more encouraging than being sharpened by others that do the same thing. Thanks Mark, Chris, Jim, Greg, Raf, Brody, BJ, Michael and all the other guys that I was able to reconnect with in just the slightest way.
3. Panel Discussion – On Tuesday, there was a panel made up of a bunch of Calvary guys. Chuck Smith, Bob Coy, Bob Franquiz, Don McClure, Danny Hodges and MC Gayle Erwin. I felt like I was sitting in someone’s living room while these guys talked about anything from “Brokeback Mountain” to Israel and Palestine. Great dialogue. I love hearing some of Chuck’s “inside” stories.
4. Daily Grill – I know this is real shallow and all, but the restaurant at CC FtL is unreal! I felt like I was in some nice spot downtown. The food was off the chain! They had this awesome brick oven pizza, amazing pasta and oh yeah, brownies that rocked my world (I only had one). This place was great for hanging out for lunch and dinner. I had some great conversations with some of my boys in this spot.


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