Entertainment: I Love the 80’s.

Recently Penny & I were watching a VH1 show called “I Love the 80’s: 3D”. This is their latest installment of shows that reflect and make fun of the decade. As we were watching, we found ourselves cracking up laughing. Do you remember “Buck Rogers”. How cheesey! It was all about Buck and this little robot guy, Twiki. Itty-biddy-biddy……How about when EPCOT Center opened up. I remember this very well. My family went like 2 months after it opened. How dissapointing. The Disney people built it up to be some futuristic fun spot, when it was really a boring excuse of a theme park. What about Intellivision? Was my family the only one to have this gaming console? I must admit I was addicted to the Baseball game they produced. Malls were the place to hang, and Orange Julius was the specialty drink to consume as you strolled around and loitered in the mall arcade. I dont know about you, but its fun for me to reflect on the “good ole days’. 1985 was a good year, but 2005 has been amazing. 2006 will be even better! I thank the Lord for the good life He has given and the people He has put in my life over the years.


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