Church and serving has been really nuts.Calvary Chapel Jupiter is the ministry I work for. I love my church to the core. Our Pastor (Pastor Dan Plourde) is a good leader and really encourages me in my ministry. The rest of the staff is amazing as well. I can honestly say that I enjoy working with everyone on staff. I consider each co-worker a friend. Not many can say that about thier job! My title is Student Pastor. It really is the greatest job on earth. I get paid to hang out with teenagers and impact thier lives for eternity!!! My favorite part of being a Student Pastor is being on middle and high chool campuses (or campi, whichever you prefer 🙂 Through my experiences on school campuses, I have been incredibly challeged to be VISIBLE & AVAILABLE. I have had many opportunities to pray with students on campus, chat about deep spiritual things and have become the chaplain for Jupiter High School’s varsity football team. We have 2 Student Ministry environments a week. One for Middle School students (Fusion) and one for High School students (Crave). There is so much into the planning and excecuting of a service. I have a Ministry Assistant named Roger. He does a great job. I wish I had the opportunity he has had at such a young age (hes only 21!). In September we hired a new Student Ministry worship Intern. His name is Bryan Moore. He’s a great guy and God is using him to lead our students into His presence through music.
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