In August my life became a little crazy. My wife (Penny) and I decided to adopt 2 children from Russia. If you are not familiar with International adoption, it is a very long process. It could take up to two years for us to actually get our kids. We know that there is alot of paperwork (SERIOUSY!!), patience and prayer!!
You may ask, “Why Russia?”. Well, we believe we have been called by the God of this Universe to go and rescue our children from Russia. A little info on Russian orphans: if children aren’t adopted by the age of 16 they are put on the streets and left to fend for themselves. Typically, children turn to alcoholism and prostitution. We believe the Lord has two children specifically born for us to raise in a family enviroment with an eternal purpose. Please pray for Penny and I and our children to be. Exiting stuff!!
For frequent updates please check our adoption blog


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